YOUR SAY: Utilities told to help to combat pothole problems

Utility companies will be ordered to put new pipes and cables under pavements or grass verges to reduce the number of potholes on roads.

Friday, 4th May 2018, 4:14 am
Updated Friday, 4th May 2018, 4:21 am
Utilities told to help to combat pothole problems

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said rules regarding roadworks in England need updating to reduce surface damage caused when roads are regularly dug up. Firms will not be allowed to work on pavements on both sides of a road at the same time.

Walking charity Living Streets warned that the measure would shift the problem of damaged road surfaces “onto our already cluttered and cracked pavements”.

The harsh winter led to one of the worst three-month periods for pothole-related breakdowns.

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What happened to the new machine you bought haven’t seen it about you know the one that can do a road in 20 mins roads still a disgrace.

Colin Eccles

The majority of potholes do actually occur where utilities cut into the sealed surface, they reinstate and seal with some poured hot bitumen, but this only usually lasts a couple of years before water gets in, freezes and blows the surface course. Take a look next time you walk down a road...90% of potholes will be as a result of some excavation work that’s been patched up afterwards.

James Baron

The paths on each side of the road at the danger bridge Lytham Rd Fulwood are extremely dangerous d brothels would be better.

Amanda Wharton

Must be 15 years since I suggested this. Water down one pavement and cable down the other. Where it must cross the road it is laid in ducting allowing new cable/pipe to push through. It’s pretty basic really and should have been implemented years ago!

Martyn Proctor

Don’t see many cars driving on the pavements!!!!.

Alison Owen

Haha you sound like Mr Bull from Peppa Pig, that’s what he likes to do, if in doubt, dig up the road/pavement :) Maybe he works for Preston Council on the side.

Sarah Harrison

I was saying only yesterday that in Europe they run pipes etc next to the roads so that the road does not get damaged ... can you please make sure that they do their jobs properly from now on...

Steven Walton

Its not rocket science . Use of the heavy equipment 1st . Utilities do what they need to do . Re surface with correct material without cut backs.

Debbie King

Talk about passing the buck

Wayne Hodkinson

So will cars drive on the nice new pavements??? What utter tosh

Linda Bonney Watson

They will be lucky to get to the pavement at bottom of south meadow lane, its full of parked cars using it as a car park.

Linda Mansley