Work gathering pace on Heysham link road

Work on the M6 link road
Work on the M6 link road
  • The road will cost £124.5m
  • It will connect the Heysham peninsula directly to the M6
  • Construction of the road will employ over 3,000 people
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Major progress is now being seen on the Heysham to M6 Link Road project as work continues rapidly on both roadworks and structures.

The new £124.5m link road will connect the Heysham peninsula directly to the M6.

Eight 42-metre steel beams have been installed at the Folly railway bridge, which crosses the West Coast Main Line.

Work on the bridge deck is now under way during a series of Saturday night possessions of the railway.

Project director Andrew Langley said: “This is a very technically challenging project because there are 12 major structures to build and 1.7mm3 of earth to move.

“But it is a fantastic scheme which will deliver huge regeneration and economic benefits for the peninsula. Works are nearly going as planned, the scheme is in a good position for the coming year.

“We have had some setbacks like the wind impact on the crane at Folly Railway Bridge and the works that we stopped on Caton Road due to the traffic issues.

“These setbacks have been dealt with in the right manner and works to address and rectify have been planned – for example the full closure of Caton Road coming up to get the duct crossing for services and other work in place.

“The link road is currently running on target to meet the construction and clients budget.”

Mr Langley said there were currently around 250 staff working on the project.

This was expected to climb in the coming weeks as the weather improves.

Benefits of the scheme are expected to include: 
n Improved access to existing industrial areas and development sites, providing a boost to the local economy.

n Principal industrial sites to benefit include the Port of Heysham, a hub for services to Ireland and the supply base for major offshore gas field and wind farms, and the Heysham power stations.

n Lancaster will experience reduced congestion, better air quality, and improvements to bus, cycling and walking facilities. A new park and ride scheme at junction 34 will link to the city.

n Regeneration for the region during and after construction of the road – construction alone will employ over 3,000 people.

This includes a minimum of 100 local unemployed people being trained and employed.