VIDEO: Urban explorers reveal inside of M6 tower with video tour of abandoned Lancashire landmark

Urban explorers have filmed themselves breaking into an abandoned Lancashire landmark.

Thursday, 24th January 2019, 9:14 am
Updated Thursday, 24th January 2019, 10:23 am
A video has emerged showing urban explorers breaking into Pennine Tower at Lancaster Services.

The intrepid explorers posted a video on YouTube documenting their exploits inside the abandoned Pennine Tower at Lancaster Services on the M6.

The unusual hexagonal concrete tower on the M6 Northbound side of the services has been closed to the public for 30 years.

But the explorers have shone a light on the forgotten world inside the grade-II listed building with a revealing video tour.

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Posted on YouTube, the video follows the exploits of two men, known as Ben and Jordan. The pair have a large online following after sharing their daring explorations of abandoned places in the UK and Europe.

Opened in 1965 as Forton Services, and designed to resemble an Air Traffic Control Tower, the landmark previously housed an up-market restaurant and sun deck before closing in 1989.

The ten-minute video is the first look inside the concrete landmark in decades and reveals how the explorers breached security and accessed the off-limits tower.

Using a lift key, the pair are seen overriding a safety lock to access the empty first and second floors of the tower.

They then take their extreme adventurism to another level by 'lift surfing'.

The two daredevils climb inside the lift shaft and on top of a carriage before riding the lift to the top of the tower.

Moto Hospitality Ltd, who own the tower and operate Lancaster Services, claimed the explorers were trespassing and have demanded the video be removed.

A spokesman said: “We are appalled by the irresponsible behaviour demonstrated by the two young men who illegally entered the disused Pennine Tower building at our Lancaster service area on the M6.

“The Tower has been closed to the public for a number of years and kept locked to prevent exactly this kind of imprudent action.

“By breaking in and riding on top of the lift they put not only their own lives at risk but potentially those of the people who would be sent to rescue them in the event of an accident.

“We are in the process of making changes to the Tower access which we believe will prevent this type of incident occurring again.

“We have also asked You Tube to remove the video on the grounds that it portrays a crime and are awaiting their response.”