Preston’s cyclists get green light to use pavement on busy road

SHARING: A similar shared use cycleway in Buckshaw Village, Leyland
SHARING: A similar shared use cycleway in Buckshaw Village, Leyland
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Cyclists dicing with death on a busy Preston road are to be given the green light to share the pavement with pedestrians.

A new £90,000 cycleway is to be created into the city centre along London Road, Stanley Street and Ringway to keep bike riders safe from cars, buses and lorries.

The A6 route will be a “shared space” between cyclists and pedestrians, with those on foot having priority.

It is part of a plan to improve cycle routes from the south of Preston which have been branded as “poor.” And it is also being done to encourage more recreational cycling in the city.

Lancashire County Council says the A6 from Frenchwood Street through to North Road is “busy and potentially hazardous” to cyclists at peak times. Since 2009 there have been two accidents on that stretch where riders have been injured after being clipped by traffic overtaking them.

But measures to reduce the potential danger to pedestrians from cyclists on the shared route are also being put in place to make sure the two sets of users can co-exist safely.

The footpath will be widened to three metres, giving sufficient room for all users in either direction. There will be new signage, surface markings and the relocation of street furniture. And a bus stop on London Road will also be set back to accommodate the cycleway.

Preston Bus has issued a “strong” objection to the relocation of the shelter just north of Frenchwood Street after a member of staff was seriously injured and off work for nine months after colliding with a cyclist on a similar shared footway.

County Hall say splitting the cycleway to go round the bus shelter would cost an extra £60,000.