Pollution set to be tackled by Preston council at busy city road

Polluted air: Traffic is causing problems on London Road
Polluted air: Traffic is causing problems on London Road
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The City Council has been ordered to tackle pollution at a major Preston road.

An assessment found nitrogen dioxide levels in the London Road area were higher than they should be.

And now the administration has been asked to set up an air quality management area and a plan to tackle the problem.

Coun John Browne, chair of the environmental protection and licensing committee, said something had to be done about the issue.

He said: “The situation is, with excess amounts of nitrogen dioxide, it exacerbates problems for people with things like bronchitis and existing chest conditions.

“It also exacerbates childhood asthma.

“Pollution thanks to traffic is part of the problem - there are too many cars on the road.”

In a report to the committee, members were told that a steering group would eventually come up with an action plan to tackle the problem.

Coun Browne said: “Something has to be done to improve the area and to make a better quality of life for the people who live there and the people who visit.

“It can’t be left like that with people’s air being poisoned by an excessive amount of fumes.

“It is caused, primarily, by too many vehicles - it is a very busy road.

“We are looking forward to the action plan coming into place, and measures being taken to improve the quality of life for people who live there and for visitors.”

The committee is due to consider the report at a meeting on January 30, where members are asked to make the air quality management area order.

The report said after making the order, a steering group would be organised to produce an air quality action plan.