Police are urging motorists to make sure their vehicles are fit to drive before setting off.

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Police warning to winter motorists

As the cold weather continues, many motorists are having to defrost their cars in the morning before setting off out.

However, police are finding that some drivers are not thawing out their cars properly and are setting off with their windscreen still frozen leaving visibility virtually impossible.

Sgt Claire Pearson, from the Road Policing Unit, said: “It is a criminal offence to drive a vehicle that is not suitable to be on the road. Drivers need to makes sure that they fully de-ice their cars before they set off.

“If they drive vehicles that are still frozen or iced up then they are not only increasing the chances of being involved in a collision but they are also putting other road users at risk.

“Motorists also need to make sure that when they are thawing out their vehicles in the morning that they do not leave them unattended. Leaving the keys in the ignition with the engine running is an open invitation to criminals.”