Pledge over railworks which have shut Preston-Blackpool line

Preston station
Preston station

Railway engineers will work round the clock to ensure the upgrade of the line between Blackpool and Preston is finished on time, the scheme’s senior manager has pledged.

A 19-week renovation programme to electrify the line began on Saturday and will see services suspended.

Andy Morgan, Network Rail’s senior scheme sponsor for Blackpool to Preston electrification, said: “We will be working 24/7 for that 19-week period to get the upgrade done.

“Construction projects never go 100 per cent as you would expect, but we have contingency plans built into the programme.

“So we’re confident by March 25 the work we have planned to complete, will be complete.”

The routes between Blackpool North and South and Preston will be closed until January 28 next year. The Blackpool North to Preston line will stay shut until Sunday, March 25.

Following electrification Network Rail says services will be more reliable, able to carry more passengers, and be more environmentally friendly.”