Passengers want better train services

Latest news from the Lancashire Evening Post
Latest news from the Lancashire Evening Post
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Passengers are crying out for more space on trains and say the poor state of carriages shows a ‘lack of respect’ from rail bosses, a watchdog has found.

Consumer group Passenger Focus has published a report based on what passengers thought of trains in the region.

They believe Northern and First TransPennine Express services are usually punctual and reliable.

But they also want extra, cleaner and newer carriages to reduce overcrowding.

The report says Northern Rail services are ‘felt to be at best uncomfortable but at worst dangerous’ and passengers feel the age and poor appearance of trains is ‘symptomatic of a lack of professionalism and respect for customers’.

It adds: “Passengers are crying out for more space on Northern trains. While frequency could be increased to alleviate crowding, passengers’ feedback suggests that increasing the number of carriages would be their preferred solution.”

The Northern and TransPennine franchises are approaching renewal, but the government has halted work on new decisions while a review takes place into the West Coast Mainline.

Joselyn Rankin, from Northern Rail, said: “In December 2011 we introduced 50 new carriages across five major urban hubs.

“Along with 10 extra carriages already in use, these provide more than two million extra seats every year, but we acknowledge there is more to be done.”