Long-awaited speed sign is installed – in wrong place

Row: The site at Clancutt Lane, Coppull
Row: The site at Clancutt Lane, Coppull
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A new speed sign – introduced following complaints from long-suffering residents – will have to be relocated because it was put in the wrong place.

Campaigning residents in Clancutt Lane, Coppull, are celebrating a victory in their battle against a nearby new housing development.

They have been in a long-running row with developer Morris Homes over a number of issues.

The sign was put up to help ease one of the concerns.

Ward councillor Robert Finnamore said: “This campaign for the residents of Clancutt Lane continues to be a long and difficult struggle, and although we have managed to get trucks escorted by someone on foot to reduce speed, the road swept due to dirt from construction and now this very useful speed sign erected, albeit in the wrong place, it is disappointing how great the impact has been on residents due to this development.”

He said the county council highways department could have done more to tackle the state of disrepair to the road, but that the sign was a “significant and hard won victory for these residents”.

Clancutt Lane resident Jon McKeever, 40, said: “I would go as far as to say the person who put the sign where it is is not very clever. It should have been down near the wooded area – definitely not coming up to 30 yards from a junction where it says 30mph.”

Paul Binks, Lancashire County Council’s road and transport safety manager, said: “Following discussions with our partners on the Speed Tasking Group, we have installed a speed indicator sign on Clancutt Lane to reinforce the message to drivers not to break the speed limit. We’d be happy to relocate this sign in a more suitable position.”