Lights go out for drivers at the ‘crossroads to hell’

Traffic queues at Broughton
Traffic queues at Broughton
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A traffic light fault has been blamed for two days of road chaos at one of Lancashire’s most notorious bottlenecks.

Long queues at the already troublesome crossroads in the centre of Broughton near Preston have caused major hold-ups and left motorists fuming.

And coupled with the spin-off problems from a £7m widening scheme at the nearby intersection of the M6 and M55, morning and evening commuters have had to endure even lengthier delays than normal.

One driver who was stuck in a breakfast-time jam on the A6 trying to reach work in Preston complained: “It isn’t an easy junction to get through at the best of times, but this week it has been an absolute nightmare.”

The snarl-ups are the latest in a catalogue of problems with congestion at the A6 junction with Whittingham Lane. Plans for a new bypass to take traffic around the village are at an advanced stage.

Lancashire County Council say this week’s problems were down to the failure of the lights. Martin Galloway, head of network management at County Hall, said: “Following an incident over the weekend resulting in an electrical fault, the traffic signals at Broughton crossroads stopped working.

“Temporary signals were introduced as quickly as possible, as the work to restore the power and repair the signal cable had resulted in a lane closure at the junction.

“By Monday the cable had been repaired, however the permanent signals could only be turned back on when the power had been restored. In addition, unrelated problems caused by accidents on the M6 worsened the situation.

“The signals are now working normally and we are currently monitoring the traffic to check it is running smoothly.”