Lancashire's speed cameras have caught one of the worst speeders in the country

A car insurance company has released new statistics on fixed speed cameras from across the UK.

By Aimee Seddon
Wednesday, 19th January 2022, 7:09 pm

New research has shown the areas with the most fixed speed cameras and the highest speeds caught across the UK, and whilst Lancashire had some of the fewest cameras, it did come out as capturing the 10th fastest speeder.

Go Shorty, a provider of short-term car insurance, sent a series of freedom of information requests to the country's police forces to find out more about the fixed speed cameras across the UK.

In their analysis of the highest speeds caught across each between 2018-2020, Lancashire Constabulary placed 10th out of 24 with a speed of 147mph.

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New research shows the areas with the most fixed speed cameras and the highest speeds caught across the UK.

This compares to the highest speed caught across the UK of 191mph by Nottinghamshire Police, followed by 163pmh by Humberside Police and 159pm by West Yorkshire Police.

Meanwhile, the area with the slowest top speeder was Cheshire clocking a top speed of 94mph.

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Simon Jackson, spokesperson for Go Shorty commented on the possible penalties for speeding: “It is no secret that many people will go above the speed limit, of course, speed limits are there to keep you and others safe, which the Lancashire speeder caught at 147mph had no respect for. The minimum speed limit penalty is three points and a £100 fine, unless you are given the option to attend a speed awareness course. If you collect 12 points or more in any three year period, you may face disqualification from the road. On a motorway, if you are caught doing more than 91mph, you could face 6 points or 7-56 days of disqualification along with a fine of £2,500.

“Along with the driving penalties, you will also be penalised through the cost of your insurance, you must declare previous driving penalties and you can be sure that speeding will add some money on top of your insurance premium. When you consider the financial consequences, being a couple of minutes late doesn’t sound all too bad.”

Go Shorty also looked at which areas had the most fixed speed cameras installed and they found Lancashire came 22nd out of the 26 police forces who replied, with only 25 in total.

This contrasts with the highest amount in London, which had a staggering 995 cameras installed- at a rate of 631 cameras per km2 compared to Lancashire's eight per km2.

The only police forces with less fixed speed camera's than Lancashire were Cumbria, Cheshire, Northamptonshire, Suffolk and Northern Ireland, which had just five.

Go Shorty also asked each police force which of their fixed camera's recorded the most offences between 2018 and 2020, but Lancashire Police did not supply this information.

However, earlier this month, the Post did report on which accident hotspots across Lancashire recorded the most amount of speeders.

From sending out our own freedom of information requests, the Post found that the Grane Road in Haslingden has caught the most, with 63,992 , and you can read the full report here.

Currently in the UK, if you are caught speeding you face a minimum of a £100 fine with the potential of being disqualified from driving altogether for repeat offences.

You can view the research in full here.