Lancashire motorists still getting a good deal on fuel

Petrol prices
Petrol prices
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Driver in Lancashire are still paying less for their fuel than most other parts of the UK, despite a national fall in pump prices, according to the AA.

But the motoring organisation believes filling stations could still charge less as the average price across the country stubbornly refuses to drop below 130p a litre for unleaded.

Only London and the North East have cheaper non-supermarket forecourt prices than the North West for petrol in a survey carried out across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. When it comes to diesel only London, West Midlands and the South East charge less, says the AA’s latest Fuel Price Report.

The average price for a litre of unleaded in the North West is now 130.4p, slightly under the UK average of 130.46. But in London and the North East it is 130.1. Prices for diesel are 138.2 here in the North West - the national average is 138.24 - while London is as low as 137.6.

With the major supermarket chains selling fuel at well below the average - Asda customers have been filling up with unleaded in Preston this week for as little as 126.7p a litre - hopes that the start of 2014 would see an average pump price of less than 130p for the first time since 2010.

“Having come so close to seeing the average dip below 130 in the past two months, reaching it is becoming something of a holy grail,” said AA president Edmund King. “But it can be achieved - and probably more.”

The report says the price of fuel this January is more than 4p cheaper than the 2013 average and 6p down on 2012. An AA survey of members revealed 70 per cent of drivers admit they are uctting back on car use because of the high cost of motoring.