Fishergate plinth claims another motorist

Crunch: yet another victim
Crunch: yet another victim
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Are the infamous bollards are at it again?

It would seem not. This time it's a plinth that's causing problems.

Pictures of a BMW car stranded on a Fishergate plinth have once again raised questions over the safety of the shared-space scheme in Preston.

This latest accident, at the top end of Fishergate, near its junction with Church Street, comes after complaints were made about the new road layout outside Preston Minster.

The plinths used to home lampposts, but traffic, and especially busses, found it difficult to pass, and the post was soon hit. You can read about that accident here.

With the lamp leaning dangerously, it was removed in the summer, and was replaced recently with a traffic cone.

This plinth used to house a lamppost

This plinth used to house a lamppost