Drivers given icy warning

Warning: Met office issues weather warning for Lancashire as snow falls around the country
Warning: Met office issues weather warning for Lancashire as snow falls around the country
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As snow begins to fall in the North East and Southern parts of the country, the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning to the residents of Lancashire.

Though what snow may fall it is unlikely to settle, and drivers are being warned to take extra care during this morning’s rush hour and later on in the evening as rain and sleet is due to cause hazardous road conditions.

A spokeman for the Met Office said; “At lower levels away from western coastal areas rain is expected to be preceded by some sleet and snow.

“The public should be aware of possible disruption, particularly to travel.”

A gradual improvement is expected overnight on Thursday and Friday is expected to be much quieter with settled conditions returning for the weekend, albeit with widespread overnight frosts.

According to the forecaster a yellow warning is the first of three stages reiterating that severe weather may be imminent.

A spokesman said; “the yellow warning is there to warn drivers to take extra care on their journeys and to leave plenty of time for their commute during rush hour traffic.

“As snow is expected to fall on higher ground - up to 4cm - the warning is also there to ensure hillwalkers are full equipped to deal with inclement weather conditions.

“Overnight temparatures of minus four and minus five degrees.

“Drivers should also be aware that severe weather is expected on trans-Pennine routes so driving conditions may become difficult.”

Though snow is yet to make an appearance in Preston and the surrounding areas, drivers are being encouraged to be ready by keep vital emergency gear in the car.

A warm blanket, sufficient water and food, a torch, phone charger and additional warm clothing can help you get through an emergency breakdown, a night stranded in a storm or hours in a traffic jam.

And a picture perfect White Christmas may be resingned to the cards on mantlepieces this year according to the Met Office.

“The longer tem forecast for the next few weeks of December is looking dry and cold and even though temperatures are dipping to lower than average for the time of year, we may not have snow on Christmas Day.”