Crash figures released for £3.4 Fishergate project

Underway: Work is ongoing on the Fishergate project in Preston city centre
Underway: Work is ongoing on the Fishergate project in Preston city centre
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County Hall bosses have revealed the number of crashes in Fishergate since the start of a £3.4m improvement project.

The cabinet member for highways and transport was asked how many collisions had taken place in the city-centre road and adjoining street since the works began last summer.

And he told this week’s full council meeting there had been only two crashes since mid August, compared with 15 in the previous three years.

The announcement comes just weeks after the works were branded a “deathtrap” by a city councillor, who claimed people with prams, disabled people and the elderly were at risk crossing the road now it no longer has traffic lights.

County Coun George Wilkins asked how many road traffic collisions had taken place in Fishergate and adjoining roads since the start of the road improvement scheme, and how the figure compared with a similar period before the start of the work.

County Coun John Fillis said: “From August 19 2010 to August 18 2013, there were 15 collisions resulting in casualties - three serious and 17 light.

“During the construction period from August 19 2013 to April 25 2014 - I hate tempting fate - there have been two collisions only, resulting in two, both light, casualties.”

He said: “My biggest thanks is to the people using the area.

“People are being very courteous and understanding of the work that’s going on, so I would like to thank all the people using the area and the concern they are showing to each other.

“I don’t like to tempt fate, but so far so good.”

Experts this week said the scheme was beginning to take shape, and critics would soon begin to see results.

The top 20 metres of Mount Street was blocked off last weekend, and will be closed from 7pm tonight until 6am on Monday.

During the closure Mount Street and the adjacent Garden Street will be switched to two-way traffic, with pay-and-display parking suspended for the duration of the work.

And the first section of the Fishergate “shared space” will be completed overnight on May 28.