City leaders defend £3.4m road project

The roadworks in Fishergate, Preston
The roadworks in Fishergate, Preston
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Town Hall bosses have defended works on Preston’s main shopping street, which had been branded a “deathtrap” by a city councillor.

Coun Christine Abram had claimed mothers with prams, disabled people, and the elderly were at risk crossing Fishergate now it no longer had traffic lights.

But at Preston Council’s latest full council meeting, leaders backed the £3.4m project, saying it would be “fantastic”.

Speaking at the public meeting, Coun Abram said she was concerned about crossing the street. She said: “All I’m asking is somebody takes up my concerns and the concerns of hundreds of people in Preston.

“Do not let an accident happen.”

But council leader Coun Peter Rankin said: “To get a train, it’s much easier now to get to the station, in a car up Corporation Street, than it used to be while there were traffic lights.”

He said the street would be “fantastic” when it was finished, and added: “Of course it will be safe, traffic will slow down.”

Coun David Borrow said: “While the work is being done there are difficulties and it’s not ideal, and the signage and the barriers are changing as the work progresses.”

He added: “Most people I speak to recognise there are problems at the moment, but they will make a judgement when it’s finished.

“All the signs seem to be that it will shift the balance on Fishergate away from the car and on to the pedestrians.”

Coun John Swindells said: “There’s been a lot of work and thought gone into it, and it should be a huge difference to people in the way they can shop and use Preston.”