Car crashes into front room of house as man watches TV

Christine Topping with the damage after a car smashed into her house on Brownedge Road, Lostock Hall
Christine Topping with the damage after a car smashed into her house on Brownedge Road, Lostock Hall
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This is all that remains of Ken and Christine Topping’s front room after an out-of-control car smashed its way in late at night.

Ken, 58, had an amazing escape as he sat watching TV next to the front window.

Damage at the house on Brownedge Road, Lostock Hall

Damage at the house on Brownedge Road, Lostock Hall

He was saved from serious injury when a radiator torn from the wall acted as a buffer against flying masonry.

And as wife Christine raced to his aid from the nearby Spar store where she was working, she says she was passed in the street by the driver fleeing the scene.

“I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been,” said former airport fireman Ken as he surveyed the wreckage of the boarded-up end-terrace house in Brownedge Road, Lostock Hall.

“If the car had crashed in a foot nearer the front door, it would have taken out the gas meter and the whole place would probably have gone up.

“But for that radiator, I would have been under the car and a pile of bricks. It was ripped off the wall and the force of the impact flung me and my armchair across the room.”

The real-life drama happened on Sunday night as arthritis sufferer Ken was watching a drama on TV.

It is believed the Volkswagen Golf failed to make a right turn into Lourdes Avenue at speed and careered into the Toppings’ front room instead.

“I just heard this screeching noise and then there was an almighty bang,” said Ken. “I was knocked a few feet as the radiator came in.

“When I looked up I could see there was a vehicle in the living room. But then the driver calmly backed it out, got out, locked the car door and vanished.

“I got hit on the foot by a couple of bricks and my nerves are shredded. Every time I shut my eyes I can see a wall coming in. But it could have been a lot worse.”

Police are still looking for the male driver of the car. Witnesses say he could have had a passenger who also left the scene.

Christine said: “I just heard a bang and immediately thought it could have been a crash. But when I got to our house the first thing I thought was ‘Oh my God, Ken sits there.’

“Thank goodness the radiator saved him. It pushed him out of the way. Otherwise he would have been under a pile of bricks.”

Following the crash, the Toppings have had to move out for safety reasons.

“We’re just waiting for the loss adjusters to come and tell us what the damage is,” said Ken. “But it’s a right mess.

“My first thought was the car must have been stolen. But from what the police have told me it wasn’t. I gather they know who they are looking for – I just hope he was insured.”

PC John Wiggans, who was at the scene of the incident, said: “We spoke to the registered owner of the car who told us she had lent the vehicle to her ex-boyfriend the previous day.

“She told us that he was insured and, as far as we are aware at this stage, the car hadn’t been stolen.”

Inquiries are ongoing.