Campaign to tackle ‘horrendous’ traffic

Horrendous: Campaigners, including Ray Singleton and Coun Michael Nelson, at Hennel Lane
Horrendous: Campaigners, including Ray Singleton and Coun Michael Nelson, at Hennel Lane
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Neighbours in a residential street fear speeding lorries are putting people’s lives at risk.

Residents in Hennel Lane in Walton-le-Dale claim heavy goods vehicles travel down the road at speeds up to 60mph.

Now a campaign has been launched to tackle the “horrendous” problem.

Ray Singleton, who lives in the South Ribble street, said: “On our road there is a school, and also an elderly people’s residential home comes out onto the road. It’s a 20mph B road.”

However, he said HGVs regularly drove down the road at speeds of “anything up to 60mph”.

He said: “We have tractors with the biggest wheels you can imagine coming down here backwards and forwards at various times, even until 11pm.

“Somebody is going to be killed.”

Coun Michael Nelson, who represents Walton-le-Dale ward, said: “It is an access road and I am fighting to, at best, get it shut off and, at worst, get a seven tonne weight limit put on it.

“I’m surprised there hasn’t been a bad accident, I’m surprised none of the children or parents have been hit. I’m really surprised nobody has been killed.”

Paul Dunne, Lancashire County Council highways manager for Preston, said: “We’re working with the police to encourage drivers to observe the 20mph limits and Hennel Lane is one of a number of locations where we rotate use of a smiley-face speed indicator sign.

“We’ve found this to be a good way of managing speeds with a sign having been located on Hennel Lane for a week in September and next due to be displayed there at the start of November. The 20mph limits can be enforced if necessary and we’ll monitor the situation. We most recently carried out a traffic survey in 2012 in response to residents’ concerns about volume and speed of HGVs, however the surveys did not indicate a particular problem.

“It showed that the volume of HGV traffic was as expected for a road of this type with a number of businesses in the area needing access.

“We have done what we can to discourage non-essential traffic from using this route by removing a number of destinations from the direction sign at the A6 roundabout.”