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Campaigner: Aidan Turner-Bishop
Campaigner: Aidan Turner-Bishop
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The answer to train delays and cancellations is not compensation but improving the service, a rail campaigner has said.

Aidan Tunrer-Bishop, if the Campaign for Better Transport, made the comments after figures revealed three quarters of rail passengers are unaware of their compensation and refunds rights.

The data was released by the Office of Rail Regulation, the regulator found Over 75 per cent of rail passengers ‘do not know very much’ or ‘nothing at all’ about their rights to a refund or compensation when trains are delayed or cancelled.

Mr Turner-Bishop said: “I suppose lots of people are unaware. 
“But it’s not the answer. The answer is sort the railway out and run a proper railway.”

The survey also found passengers believe that train operators could do more to promote compensation rights awareness - 74 per cent of the study participants said that train companies do ‘not very much’ or ‘nothing at all’ to proactively provide information about compensation when there are delays.

Passengers also suggested more effective ways of raising awareness, such as prominently displayed compensation information on websites; posters at stations and information on the back on tickets.

But Mr Turner-Bishop added: “There are forms, they are on all on display in Preston station.”

Office of Rail Regulation chairwoman Anna Walker added: “We want to see that passengers are treated fairly, receive the quality of service they pay for, and when this is not the case, can hold their service providers to account.”