YOUR VIEW: Is Lune Street project lunacy?

The traffic scheme in Lune Street. Preston
The traffic scheme in Lune Street. Preston
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A bid to uncork one of Preston’s worst traffic bottlenecks has hit snags.

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And Lancashire Post readers have been quick to start a debate about the latest idea to reduce city centre congestion.

The introduction of two-way traffic in Lune Street – and a new link with Ringway near the old Corn Exchange – has left some motorists in a spin.

County Hall chiefs admitted there had been “teething troubles.”

But highways chiefs are confident that the changes will help to reduce congestion that has blighted the city centre, particularly at Christmas.

Motorists regularly contacted the Post last Christmas saying they were stuck in St George’s shopping centre carpark and couldn’t get out. Will this work this year?

It’s all on the road, not exactly complicated. If you’re lacking understanding about road markings I suspect you should send your driving licence back to Kelloggs for a refund on the cornflakes you got it with.

Rick Beaker

It’s not confusing... it’s just people don’t know how to drive!!!!! Maybe the ‘signs are not big enough’ excuse will rear its head.

Anthony Capps

LCC/PCC are attempting to pedestrianise the town centre and because they make a mess of it, they then dig up a pedestrian area and put a road in it. Go back to the existing Lune Street layout before you made it one way? You couldn’t make it up!

Andrew Bell

I’ve driven around there this morning to use St George’s car park and nothing confusing about it. What will cause any future problems are people who don’t read the clear signposts or have no consideration for other drivers and make their own rules up!!!!

Tracey Jackson

It’s not really hard to work out is it. U come down the street no entry to the left keep going follow the road markings lol

Adam Flynn

Congrats to LCC for making Preston even more impassable than it was before, and probably doing nothing else other than increasing congestion and profiteering off of fines. Utterly disgraceful!

Duncan Robson

How long until there’s a backlog of cars up that road because ringway traffic won’t let cars out?

Kiah Nicole Kuzan

Put a bollard there! That’d probably work out well

Tony Whitfield

It’ll all be gridlocked as soon as there’s plenty of traffic and everyone sits in the yellow boxes!

Sean Jackson

So the route to ease the congestion now sends traffic onto a section of road which at busy times is grid locked! Seems usual for Preston Clown Council.

Alex Owen

How long until the first accident?

Chris Taylor

I live in Chorley and the messing about that has gone on here leaves me wondering why we bother with signs etc. They are just expensive decorations as there is no money left for enforcement

Anne Winstanley-Brown