YOUR SAY: New speed camera vans on our roads

Eight new speed camera vans have been rolled out on Lancashire's roads in a crackdown on dangerous drivers. Eight vehicles will monitor accident routes and roads identified by members of the public to detect speeding, seat belt offences, mobile phone use and drivers not fully in control of their vehicles.

Thursday, 24th May 2018, 9:58 am
Updated Thursday, 24th May 2018, 10:21 am
The new speed camera vans
The new speed camera vans

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Watch out - extra speed camera vans on roads

The road safety enforcement technicians are Lancashire Constabulary staff. Due to a significant increase in abusive and offensive behaviour they are equipped with body worn cameras and radios to be used in emergencies.

We asked you what you think of the new speed cameras...are they a great way of making our roads safer....or just a money-making exercise?

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The new speed camera vans

Here are some views from our facebook page...

Tax collecting again!!Colin Sinnott

“We want to be seen” meaning, we’ll be hiding round blind corners where we can’t be seen until it’s too late as usual..Chris Jones

Don’t speed don’t get caught. Simple really.Cathy Turner

What a waste of money! Should be spent on officers on the beat!Paul Bretherton

Good, more of them are needed and under cover!!!Darren Garner

No speed, no worries, simple reallyGaz Hodgkinson

I suspect these might be empty inside a little the old TV detector vans.Trevor Greenhalgh

Can’t speed in Preston anyway to many traffic jams and traffic lights and new housing estates going up.Tanya Louise Smith

Just a quick question - what IF a police officer is caught with mobile in his hand? What happens then?Annas Mulla

Fantastic. Paint it sky blue so it’ll blend into the surroundings like an ice cream van! Cheers Lancashire County Council (these are not police vans, it’s run by the councils)Mark Antoni

Dangerous and speed isn’t the same thing, if it was everyone who has ever done 100mph would be dead. Just a way to make money, average speed cameras cause more crashes but who cares when the money is rolling in... I was actually talking to a Tory councillor and he said the only reason they use average speed cameras is because it makes more money for the police than conventional onesThomas Wignall

Could do with some of that council tax rise to detect criminal teenagers who steal bikes and cause criminal damage with impunity. Oh! That doesn’t earn revenue does it, LCC.Michael Heap

Wish they had spent the money on fixing the pot holes. Hope everyone doesn’t speed so they earn the council nothing. Nothing to do with safety, just income generation.Dale Green

If they want them to be seen why is it illegal to warn other drivers of their presence?Kate Preston