YOUR SAY: Driving lessons - learner drivers allowed on motorways from next month

From June 4, the rules around driving lessons are changing to allow student drivers to practice on motorways ahead of their test.

Wednesday, 9th May 2018, 9:11 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th May 2018, 9:16 am

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Driving lesson changes: learner drivers allowed on motorways from next month

Mark Winn, DVSA deputy chief driving examiner said: “Allowing learners to practice on motorways with a professional instructor gives them the opportunity be taught motorway rules and etiquette properly, practice at higher speeds and will help make our roads even safer.”

Here are some of your views...

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Well they need to learn somehow!!

Pauline Crossley

Most people who have passed shouldn’t be allowed on the motorway.

Chloe Latham

There is shocking driving on the motorways. I spend a fair bit of time heading up and down the M6, M42 and M40. The nearer to London you get the worse it is. Middle lane driving is my bugbear.

Neil Procter

Don’t know why they can’t make Pass Plus compulsory instead sure some instructors take learners onto roads they aren’t ready for!

Adam Wilcock

As an Instructor I agree with this most don’t want to take motorway lessons and just head on to it with no knowledge

Cath Martin

Because the motorways are not busy enough are they?!

Mark Baines

Half of the learners I’ve come across shouldn’t even be on the road! !!!!!

Katrina Ann Sullivan

Don’t think they should. Maybe if they have passed the first test then take another to be allowed on a motorway. Motorways these days are way to busy.

Christine Herbert

25 quid a lesson to sit in traffic on a motorway..... Haha good lesson in patience!

Umm Arwa

They should make motorway driving a compulsory part of the test. Too many people don’t know how to use them.

Noel Swinn

Who comes up with these crazy ideas? When I was learning this is something you did with an experienced driver after you passed your test. What’s so difficult about that.

Andy Squire

Great idea. So many young people pass their test and then have no idea how to drive on a motorway. This should have been done years ago. It might actually stop some of the crazy driving you see every day if you use the motorways in this country. Could we also sort out the lorry drivers who regularly clog up two lanes of the motorway while they are playing games trying to pass each other? They are a danger to everyone on the road!

Martin Moss