YOUR SAY: '˜Bollard crashes beyond a joke'

The infamous Fishergate bollard has claimed another victim after a car crashed in to it and spilled fuel on the road.

Thursday, 31st May 2018, 4:27 pm
Updated Thursday, 31st May 2018, 4:32 pm
A car hit the Fishergate Bollard on Saturday night. Photo: British Transport Police

British Transport Police reported dealing with the incident on Preston’s Fishergate on Saturday evening.

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Fishergate bollard claims another victim with fuel spill

The bollard – part of the controversial Fishergate works done by Lancashire County Council– has been knocked over numerous times by drivers who have failed to spot it in the road.

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A car hit the Fishergate Bollard on Saturday night. Photo: British Transport Police

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Denise Tillard

Should really start banning these drivers, how can you miss the sodding thing its massive?

Chris Davies

If you can’t see them you shouldn’t be on the road

Chris Davies

LCC should train the bus lane camera on it and fine everyone that hits it £60. They would make a fortune (granted they would probably have to give it back because of insufficient signage)

Pete Jones

If you can’t see this you’ve no chance of spotting a little child, it’s not funny anymore they should be made to pass a driving awareness course. They should also check the mobile phones of anyone hitting it too.

Patrick Watson

I thought LCC are in millions of debt but can afford to build that thing.

Dave Kelly

Should be sponsored by Specsavers

Rob Ditchfield

Name and shame!!!! Public shaming is a fitting punishment for such terrible driving skills.We should all be allowed to mock these morons!

Alexander Preston

I worry about some drivers’ vision if they can’t see it. Keep out of their way!!

Lindy King

Oh well, they are after the treasure so let’s keep building it so they can’t get to it

Mohammed Hashim Patel

Who pays for this to keep getting repaired?

Tom Bath

For goodness sake make it something tall and majestic and something to be easily seen!

Suzanne Lowe

Should charge the person who designed it! Not us tax payers

Yvonne Derbyshire

It’s not a proper road bollard sign, how they got away with sticking that there in the first place is beyond me

Ron Umberto

Considering Lancashire County Council are cutting services that are actually needed . . .

Lee Kellett

Just put in a mini roundabout.

Valerie Hunt