Wigan dad’s pies cause inadvertent security stir at Manchester Airport

A holidaymaker from Wigan caused quite a stir when he tried to take pies through security at Manchester Airport.

Tuesday, 27th August 2019, 12:57 pm
Updated Tuesday, 27th August 2019, 1:57 pm
Traveller Mike Farrell

Mike Farrell, from Platt Bridge, did not think twice about packing a few pies when he was going on holiday to Spain.

But the shape of the pastry products caught the attention of security staff as he tried to make his way to the flight.

He said: "On arrival at security I placed my belongings in the tray. My sandwiches, crisps and pies. Thinking nothing of it I pushed them through the conveyor belt with rest of my things.

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Mike's pies

"Walking through the scanner I always feel slightly apprehensive hoping it doesn't buzz. I walked through and nothing went off. Phew to my relief I went to collect my bags with my children.

"My case came through soon after and mobile etc, then standing there I thought.....have I forgotten anything?

"'Daddy where's our food?', the little one shouted.

"To my anguish I could see the bag of jackbit in the bag search queue. Wondering to myself whatever for?

"Another five minutes later I was shouted out by the security officer, 'Is this your bag sir?'

"'Yes', I replied to my relief after waiting.

"The young lady explained that the shape of my pies looked obscure going through the scanner!

"It could only happen to a Wigan lad this I thought. All in the interest of national security, me and the family laughed it off and went on our way to the airport bar.

"It's one trip to Spain I will never forget for all the pie reasons!"