'What are we paying our council tax for if Lancashire county council is asking us to clear the drains?'

Members of the public are being asked to clear the leaves from blocked drains
Members of the public are being asked to clear the leaves from blocked drains
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Lancashire County Council has asked members of the public to consider clearing leaves from roadside drains to prevent flooding.

The council says that blocked drains are the most common cause of flooding.

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This is what Lancashire Post readers thought of the idea.

Don’t we pay council tax for the council to do these jobs???
Wayne Sanderson

Where does our council tax go again??? Why does it go up and yet services go down????
Chelle Garnett

When is the council going to get round to clearing out the road drains, most on New Hall Lane have been blocked for a very long time!
Yvonne Bolton

I’ll do it. When you bring my council tax down
Marc Fletcher

More than happy to oblige and assist our county council , please can you advise me how much you will be reducing my council tax bill by ?
John Clark

There’s a council machine that does this!! It used to be done every year ! So to all the councils in flood warning areas , get your machines out and STOP the places from flooding! Because if I was an insurance company, I would be asking if the council have been and freed the grids ??? And if you hadn’t and a house flooded because the grid was blocked ! I would gladly pay my customer out and then sue the council...
Margaret Heaps

I would love to see Keith Iddon clearing the leaves. Practice what you preach.
Louise Beavers Parr

Council workers need to pick them up instead of blowing them about. Whats the little scarab doing? One side of the road only when it comes down Larches Lane. The leaves are off council trees so the council should pick them up.Christine Grainger

Shall I dredge the river at the end of our road too whilst I’m at it? We pay a fortune in council tax and get very few services living in a village
Helen Hawkins

Unblock the drains, bag it and drop it off at the council offices along with my invoice for the work done, sounds good to me
Graham Wilson

Will we arrested if we are seen to be cleaning up the streets? Surely its against health and safefy as well
John Melling

The next thing they’ll be asking is for everyone to fill in the pot holes on their own roads! What are we paying council tax for?
Mark Baines

Unbelievable! I reported the drains on my road a couple of months back, wasn’t leaves it was silt! No leaves sat on the top of the grate.
Joanne Hughes

My gosh people, how have we become so lazy. Our parents cared about how the streets looked that they lived on.
Nelsie Webb

But on the positive side probably better to clear the drains ourselves and NOT get our homes flooded out
Marilynn Robinson

Unbelievable comments. If a gully outside of my house blocks I’ll try to clear it. Or I could just ignore it, blame the cruel council and watch my garden flood.
Lazy, lazy people.
Al East

I think it’s a terrific idea, how about we all grit the streets this winter as well?
Ben Jaminn

It’s about time we all mucked in and got behind our public services. We’ve got to move beyond the sense of entitlement.
Chris Barron