WATCH: Firefighters tackle car blaze outside Preston Tesco

This is the moment firefighters tackled a car blaze after a mother's car burst into flames as she popped into a Preston shop for milk.
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Preston Tesco car blaze mum warns: 'Don't leave your children in the vehicle'

Thankfully, on this occasion Oliver wanted to go shopping with his mum.

Claire who is now warning others of the risks, said: “Don’t be tempted to listen to your children.

“Make them walk round the shops with you.

“Oliver was quite upset and shaken up about it.

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“I won’t ever leave the kids in the car again. I would rather listen to them moaning walking round the shop with me.

“Trying to get the kids to go shopping is really hard work. Kids will say ‘do we have to’ so a lot of kids just stay in the car - so do pets. It’s a scary, scary thought.

“So many people don’t even think about it. You would never think for a minute that your car might set on fire.”

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