'˜Turn it into a roundabout' say drivers of Fishergate's confusing bollard

IT'S the road feature which has left city motorists scratching their heads.

Saturday, 13th August 2016, 9:34 am
Updated Saturday, 13th August 2016, 11:39 am
Car collides with bollard on Fishergate, Preston. Picture courtesy of Steve Pierrie

The stone pillar at the junction of Fishergate and Corporation Street in Preston city centre has been knocked over multiple times by confused motorists failing to negotiate the ‘shared space’.

Last week a silver Audi hit the pillar, knocking it over yet again.

The incident prompted a council official to stress that the bollard was not a roundabout.

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The problem is that its positioning at the road junction within a circular area gives the impression it is - and some drivers treat it as one.

The Evening Post watched as motorists hesitated at the bollard - and many were confused whether to give way to pedestrians crossing their path.

Some stopped to let people across - others didn’t.

Business people in the area gave us their views. Anna Yiangou, manager at Mr Potato in Fishergate, said: “I’m a driver and it’s a roundabout as far as I’m concerned. People always seem to be crashing ito it - I’ve no idea why. Whatever it is, it’s there to be avoided. Why anyone would drive up onto it I haven’t a clue.”

Anna added: “They should put the traffic lights back. They’ve narrowed the road and made it very confusing for everybody.”

Rashid Patel, from Kingswood Sales and Lettings, said: “I see it happen about once a month.

“The council is wasting money fixing it, instead they should turn it into a roundabout because that’s what most people think it is.”

“It is a danger trap, a fatal accident waiting to happen and it makes my blood boil.”

Lucy Nicklin, of the nearby Tasty takeaway, said: “It’s very confusing. I’ve seen people go into it a couple of times. No-one seems to give way to pedestrians like they used to either.”

Another shop worker said: “It looks like a roundabout and that’s why people are getting confused. I think they should turn it into a roundabout and then people would know where to go.

“They should also have crossings as it’s not very clear for pedestrians and where to give way.”

Daniel Herbert, Lancashire County Council’s highways manager, said recently: “It is important to make it clear that there is not a mini-roundabout at the junction of Corporation Street and Fishergate. The junction operates as a T-junction, but giving equal priority to all road users, with drivers taking care and giving way as appropriate.

“The Fishergate scheme has been successful in encouraging most people to drive more carefully and safely through this area. Following the latest incident, we’re looking at ways to further highlight the road layout for drivers.”