Travellers ordered to vacate park in Preston

A group from the travelling community has set up camp at a park in Preston.

Wednesday, 15th May 2019, 10:41 am
Updated Wednesday, 15th May 2019, 11:41 am
A group from the Travellers community arrived at Ribbleton Park in Preston yesterday (Tuesday, May 15)

A number of caravans arrived at Ribbleton Park afternoon (Tuesday, May 14) at around 4pm.

The unauthorised encampment was visited by officers from Preston City Council this morning (Wednesday, May 15) and the group has been asked to vacate the site.

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Preston travellers fear they could be forced off site after over 30 years

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A spokesperson for Preston City Council said: “A group from the travelling community arrived on Ribbleton Park on Tuesday 14th May. Officers have attended to speak to them and carried out welfare checks.

“The legal procedure to effect removal from the site will be processed as soon as possible.”

What is an unauthorised encampment?

An unauthorised encampment occurs where any person camps (in vans, trailers or any other moveable accommodation) on land that they do not own, and where they do not have permission to reside.

Gypsies or Travellers often reside on unauthorised encampments because of the travelling nature of their life-style, along with the shortage of site provision nationally.

When people are camped on land that they do not own, without the permission of the owner, they are considered trespassers.

If a negotiated solution is not possible, then private landowners, local authorities and the police all have powers of enforcement to evict.