‘The school pick-up is chaos’: This is what you had to say about Preston’s traffic problems

Chaos on Bluebell Way
Chaos on Bluebell Way
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Time and time again, Preston is named as one of the worst cities for congestion in the country. And in recent weeks, commuters have complained of an escalation in the problem, as city roads are choked following accidents on the nearby motorway network.

Despite highways bosses at Lancashire County Council announcing and building bypass schemes and carrying out road widening works, commuters have been left wondering why roads are still so easily choked, and questioning whether geography, public transport problems or a spate of house building is to blame.

We asked you what you thought and here are a selection of your views left on our Facebook page:

"Sadly, I really don’t think it will get any better even with the millions they are going to spend on this dual carriage way to a Junction 2 on the M55 - wonder where all the traffic will go when there is an accident on the M55 or M6 - oh yeah it will ram all the narrow country lanes round it! Preston and all its building houses etc is a total joke!"

Karan Tett

"The Penwortham road works have really not been thought out at all. It’s chaos at school pick-up time with there being so many schools in the area. Lights aren’t in time, lane closures aren’t clear until it’s too late. It must be even worse at rush hour. There really isn’t an alternative route that can be used when coming over the river for anyone living off Liverpool Road. When they’ve planned these closures they’ve been too busy thinking about people bypassing Penwortham but given no consideration to the residents who have no choice because they live there!"

Emma Millington

"Emma Millington...Absolutely nailed it. Little thought been given to residents of Penwortham trying to get around, the closure of the right turn onto Leyland Rd is a case in point. No notices and no warnings. I walk into town and back, far less hassle but not everyone has that luxury."

Rob Randell

"Pedders Lane, Tulketh road and Blackpool road too..Ninety minuites to get to town last Wednesday evening."

Scott Rukks

"Build a bridge over the river link it to the new bypass at Penwortham then link that to the new bypass going to the m55 . Use your head Preston council."

Tony Alty

"Tony Alty...Well said it’s the most logic but has LCC got any?"

Diane Tomlinson

"You have missed Garstang Road, Fulwood. An absolute nightmare in a morning. Mostly down to the phasing of the lights on Broughton roundabout."

Frank Heller

"It’s certainly put added stress on an already stressful journey getting in and out of Penwortham."

Sharon Reeves

"The simple problem is that we are building more homes and offices all around the outskirts of Preston, but the infrastructure simply wil not support it. It only needs one accident and the entire city is gridlocked. It needs radcial action to sort it out."

Helen Dempster