Road closed after car crashes into gas main in Stalmine

Stricklands Lane has been closed
Stricklands Lane has been closed

A road was closed after a car crashed into a gas main on a busy rural route though Stalmine, say police.

Stricklands Lane was blocked at the junction of Carr End Lane following the incident which happened at around 7.30am on Friday.

FIM Stephen Bradshaw for Lancashire Police said: "A silver Renault has crashed into a gas main.

"Members of the public reported a strong smell of gas at the scene.

"The fire service, Cadent Gas emergency service and police all attended."

The fire service confirmed that two engines were called out to the emergency.

A spokesman said: "We evacuated five properties in the area after a car crashed into the gas main.

"We put a 50m cordon in place as gas was leaking out under pressure.

"Engineers from Cadent worked at the scene wearing breathing apparatus to isolate the leak.

"Fire fighters used a hose-reel to keep the engineers safe."

A representative for the fire service said that the leak was isolated at around 10am.

The road was re-opened 15 minutes later.