Preston's new road layout baffles drivers

The new road layout is causing confusion
The new road layout is causing confusion
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A bid to uncork one of Preston’s worst traffic bottlenecks hit snags on its first day yesterday.

The introduction of two-way traffic in Lune Street - and a new link with Ringway near the old Corn Exchange - left some motorists in a spin.

A Post journalist watched as :

* Drivers in Fleet Street failed to give way to traffic coming down Lune Street despite signs and a new box junction.

* Motorists going up Lune Street drove in the right-hand lane as if it was still one-way.

* Vehicles coming down Lune Street attempted to turn left into Fleet Street.

* And more than one driver tried to turn from Ringway into the new link to get to Lune Street.

County Hall chiefs admitted there had been “teething troubles.” LCC highways group manager Daniel Herbert said: “We’re confident the changes to will help reduce the congestion that has affected the city centre at peak times over many years.

The changes to the road layout are clearly signed, however it is not unusual to have some teething problems when introducing changes such as this, particularly when people encounter them for the first time.

We are closely monitoring how people are responding and will consider changes to the scheme if problems persist.” We will be looking at extra signing to highlight the no-entry from Ringway to Lune Street.

“The changes have been introduced using an experimental traffic regulation order, which allows a six-month consultation period during which the design can easily be tweaked if necessary. We’d welcome feedback on the scheme received during the consultation period.”