'˜It's simple. Don't speed, no fine' - Readers' views after 1,100 motorists caught on average speed cameras

More than 1,100 motorists have been caught speeding by average speed cameras on the A583 Preston New Road.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 4th January 2019, 12:48 pm
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 1:35 pm
Average speed cameras on the A583 Preston New Road
Average speed cameras on the A583 Preston New Road

The cameras, which record drivers’ speed from the Wrea Green roundabout, through the Kirkham bypass to Clifton, went live in early March.

From that time until November 7, a period of just over eight months, some 1,163 motorists were found to be driving at more than 50mph.

Lancashire Police said it was unable to say how much cash was made, but if each driver accepted their fixed penalty notice of £100, fines would have topped £115,000.

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Average speed cameras on the A583 Preston New Road

Each would have faced three points on their driving licence too.

We asked for your thoughts via our Facebook page....

I love articles like this. The cameras were introduced to help reduce accidents on the road but instead all they talk about is how much money has been made off of it !! Has it reduced the number of accidents or is this just another money-making thing?Nicola Wilson

Speed limiter or cruise control used all the time help me not being a statisticJulie Paton

It’s only making money through ignorance and poor driving.Simon Howarth

Don’t speed simple !Linda Gibbings

How does taking money from people prevent accidents?Jason Davies

I wonder how many accidents there were on this stretch, with so many people speeding?Sarah Graber

Shows the cameras are working, anecdotal but I’d expect far more than this would drive over 50.Al East

And the roads are a disgrace - potholes everywhereSusan Pennington

Sorry but it’s simple isn’t it..? Don’t break the speed limit and you won’t get fined and points on your licence.. Especially when it’s blindingly obvious you’re in an area monitored by average speed cameras..!!Phil Waring

Good.Charlene Fishwick

Speed cameras raking in a large amounts of money are quite obviously ineffective.Martyn Morris

So the goverment can put on the streets speeding cameras but no CCTV on the streets where there are crimesJane Donald

It’s nothing to be proud of lol. Speed cameras is another money-making scam. Not every single person is going to be perfectly on speed limmit even my nan is couple mph overMike Mitch Mikey

Get yourself a GPS satnav and drive at 54mph on that and not your speedo you won’t get a ticket.Marc Thomas

Speeding and poor driving kills as too many families are unfortunate to have to live withJacqui Pollock