'How does this solve the parking issue?' - Your views on new single yellow lines near Royal Preston Hospital

Lancashire County Council staff painting single yellow lines in Broadwood Drive, Fulwood
Lancashire County Council staff painting single yellow lines in Broadwood Drive, Fulwood
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Lancashire Post readers have been having their say on the new single yellow lines being painted on roads near to Royal Preston Hospital (RPH).

The new road markings have come to nine roads near RPH as a result of residents' concerns over the roads beings used by visitors to the hospital, including student nurses and patients.

A mixture of restrictions are being brought in, including no waiting at any time and no waiting between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Grace Rawcliffe said: "It's totally unfair, I know if I lived on these said streets I'd be offering my drive way up for sure as I know some other very kind people have done. Amen to the staff at RPH, keep doing a great job and saving lives."

Aimee Gill said: "I live on the street in the picture [on the article] and think it’s complete bull."

Daniella Jones said: "Shot them self's in the foot. What if they have family over or friends? I hope their drive is big enough as they can't park."

Beth Airey said: "How does this solve the parking issue?"

Caroline Atchia said: "Our NHS staff suffer enough stress at work without the stress starting as soon as they set off for work, worrying if they will be able to find somewhere close by without having to drive around and around and being late for their shift."

Doreen Dawson said: "Park and ride is the answer."

Mike Quinlan said: "How can you operate a resourceful hospital without adequate staff parking?"

Sheena Buckley said: "If the residents are so upset and concerned about the safety why don't they rent their driveways to staff, say £10 per week?"

Robbie Crosbie said: "I totally agree about the parking. I live by a college and before we had the permits people would jam their cars in and we had nowhere to park as more often than not they would block the driveway.

"I also agree nurses should be given free parking in the hospital grounds. Most nurses work long hours on their feet all day saving lives and after a long shift you don't want to be getting a bus etc back to your car."

Trevor Edwards said: "There has been so many bumps, scrapes, and near fatalities due to this parking, hopefully this will make it a safer place to live. RPH need to step up for its staff."