Freestyle football champion flips car over in crash drama

Lancashire's rising freestyle football world champion feared that her sports car might blow up with her inside it after it flipped onto its roof on a quiet Leyland side road.

Thursday, 5th July 2018, 10:37 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 4:48 pm
Football freestyler Liv next to her flipped car

Liv Cooke, from Leyland, turned over in her white Audi in Sandy Lane, Leyland, on Wednesday at 2pm while on her way to pick up her videographer from Leyland train station.

The 19-year-old explained: “I was going like, 12 mph, when I crashed into a railing, but the impact strangely made me slam on my accelerator which caused the car to climb the railing onto its back two wheels.

“It then spun, slid and flipped landing upside down.”

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Liv, who is defending her world championship in August, added: “The car is a write-off, everything was destroyed.

“Glass flew everywhere even the wire my phone was plugged into was cut. Even my phone case was slashed by flying glass.”

She continued: “I’ve obviously watched way too many movies because I remember being upside down holding my body weight up to stop my face falling into all the glass whilst thinking, ‘I need to get out, what if it blows up’.”

The freestyle world champion was unscathed in the incident.

She said: “It’s honestly a miracle. Recovery men couldn’t believe it.”

Liv is going public with the crash as she “didn’t want the wrong thing getting out” after rumours on social media about her speeding or using her phone at the wheel were posted.

The former Preston North End and Blackburn Rovers trialist added: “I’ve just seen a lot of tweets and Instagram stories from people already presuming things and rumours. I wasn’t speeding or texting.”

Liv has been working with the BBC in recent months as part of their World Cup coverage, showing off her amazing skills in a series of adverts.