Everything you need to know about tactile paving

Tactile pavement in Station Road, Bamber Bridge
Tactile pavement in Station Road, Bamber Bridge
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According to the Royal National Institute for the Blind, here are the explanations of the bumps and markings which denote 'tactile' pavements

• There are different patterns for different messages - not just generic bumps

• Dots in a grid mean a dropped curb for crossing the road

• Offset dots, i.e. not aligned, mean there’s a train platform and possibly a gap!

• Lozenges mean that there’s a tram crossing

• Horizontal stripes mean there are stairs or an obstacle ahead of you but vertical stripes mean a safe path to follow

• The pavement can be colour coded - for example, bright contrasting colours help partially sighted people to understand if they’re at a traffic lights crossing