'˜Do elderly people not matter?' - Residents react to Preston Bus route changes

When residents in Preston heard that their area was being cut from their only bus service they decided to fight back.

Residents react to Preston Bus route changes
Residents react to Preston Bus route changes

The number 14 bus is to stop picking up passengers from the Ronaldsway and Longsands areas as of September 3.

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Residents launch petition after Preston Bus announces route number 14 will be tr...

Now they have started up a at change.org petition, ‘A Decent Bus Route’, to try and stop their area being slashed from the route.

READ MORE>>> IN PICTURES: Fifty years of Preston bus stationOperators, Preston Bus, say that lack of custom in the areas meant they had to make a commercial decision to trim the route.

Lancashire County Council says it is not in a position to fund a replacement service but is exploring alternative options.

A petition was done to keep the orbit route and that never worked Preston bus are selfish. I feel sorry for the older people.

Bernadette Blaylock It’s no wonder people don’t use this bus. I live on Longsands but can’t get a bus to Asda, Sainsburys, RPH, my local library, dentist, doctors. The list goes on. That’s why I have to use my car.

Pauline Gibson

The best petition would be to actually use the service instead of signing a piece of paper.

Chris Davies

Preston Bus have been desperate to get rid of the Longsands service since the demise of the orbital route, it’s never on time and struggles to get through Holme Slack and Ronaldsway.

Jo Harwood

First Longsands lose the Orbit Bus and now a Preston Bus service completely! Yet they happily take people to Skipton?


@StagecoachCNL could you come to the rescue of the people of Preston Bus service 14 and put in place a service that everyone on that route up to Fairfax Road can enjoy seeing as Preston Bus have now terminated the service half way leaving those unable to walk to the stop stranded.

Gemma Mountford

I genuinely wonder if Preston Bus draw out of a hat to decide what changes they’re going to make this time.


So the number 14 is being scrapped even though it is relied upon by the community around Longsands to get to town, plus Fulwood Hall Hospital?


If the number 14 isn’t running what bus do we get from Longsands?

Rachel Swain

That bus service was filled with college students at Longsands. Complete joke.

Paula McMurty

I seriously hope you are going to run an alternative service, that Longsands bus stop in a morning at 8.15 is rammed full of students and people who need to get to work!

Emma Jane Kirk

What about the elderly and disabled along Ronaldsway onwards how are you going to keep providing a service to them or do they not matter?

Berney Gillett