Delays on Fishergate after wagon and car smash

Preston's shared space experienced delays yesterday morning (May 2) after a two vehicle smash.

The wagon. Photo via John Jones.
The wagon. Photo via John Jones.

Lancashire Police confirmed that part of Fishergate was closed yesterday morning after a white Mercedes and a wagon crashed near to the Marks and Spencer store on the high street.

An image taken at the scene shows the wagon, with its front bumper and bonnet knocked off, coming from the direction of Guildhall Street towards Fishergate.

A police spokesman said yesterday: “Part of Fishergate was closed while recovery was arranged which might be causing some traffic issues in the area.

“Hopefully it should be back up and running fairly soon if not already.”

Fishergate itself is a shared space area, which has meant that kerbs have disappeared leaving both pedestrians and cars having right of way.

Members of the public took to social media to give their opinions on the incident.

Paul Cleaver said: “This occurred in the shared space area where pedestrians and vehicles are supposed to be courteous and allow for each other.

“Looking at the damage it’s a good thing that it wasn’t a pedestrian in the way, a fatality would have been a very likely outcome.

“Many drivers in the city centre are driving far too fast in many locations.”

Fishergate has recently been in the news due to the infamous bollard and the numerous cars that have been caught on its plinth.

The road’s new bus lane also saw more than 2,000 drivers fined a total of £60,000 in one week last December.