Death-defying near miss for M6 driver in Lancashire after burst tyre detaches from lorry and crashes through roof of car

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A driver on the M6 has survived a death-defying road accident after a tyre detached from a lorry and crushed an oncoming car.

Police said the man is "the luckiest driver in the world" after he survived a 22.5 inch tyre crashing through his windshield on the M6.

Pictures of the stricken car show the devastating impact of the heart-stopping near miss, with the roof and windshield of the white Peugeot crushed by the tyre.

According to Lancashire Police, the huge tyre became detached from a HGV as it travelled southbound on the M6 near Leyland.

The tyre then bounced across multiple lanes of traffic and over the central reservation, before crashing into the Peugeot on the northbound carriageway.

A spokesman for Lancashire Road Police said: "The driver of this car is the luckiest person in the world right now.

"This tyre detached from an HGV on the M6 at junction 28, crossed the central barrier and struck an oncoming vehicle.

"How they got it to the shoulder and got out is beyond us. Thankfully minor injuries."

According to the stunned driver, his young son had earlier begged to join him on the doomed road trip.

In a miraculous twist of fate, his dad had been unable to take him at the last minute. The fateful tyre would later crash through the roof of the car, crushing the empty child seat fitted in the rear.

The officer added: "The driver's young son wanted to come out with dad.

"Thankfully he was unable to take him, but it doesn't bear thinking about what would have happened had his son been in this car seat."

It is not yet known how the tyre came loose. Police have been approached for comment.