" Are you completely bonkers ??": Your reaction to Lancashire County Council's decision to close the slip road on the A59 in Penwortham

Proposals released today to close a slip road on the A59 in Penwortham has met a mixed reaction.

By Iain Lynn
Monday, 1st July 2019, 2:45 pm
Updated Monday, 1st July 2019, 3:45 pm
The slip road on the A59
The slip road on the A59

Lancashire County Council announced the changes today on their Facebook page.

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Slip road to close to force traffic out of Penwortham town centre

Here's a taste of your rections so far:

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Absolute bonkers. Use a longer router, more emmisions, longer travel times, and by the time you've gone round still the same amount of traffic. You won't stop people traveling to the docks or Blackpool. And this will cause strand road to be used instead

Mark The-Rev Keane

Not many comments in favour of this, so I've one positive suggestion. If someone is stupid enough to actually close the slip road do it in a way in which in be easily reopened when you realise what a mistake you've made.

Tony Brocklebank

Why close it, extra expense to do so. Just leave it as it is, there will be less traffic in any case once the new road is open

Darren Fairhurst

What a stupid idea that will obviously get passed by the council, disregarding every single comment on this post being negative

Ben Higham

Don't forget this is the council that built a ring road through the centre of a city.

Steve Salter

Replace 100m of road with 1/2 a mile of tarmac... great idea... really ‘Green & Eco’... Why not put another Ribble Crossing west of Preston & avoid Penwortham completely. It’s going to come, one day. Sooner rather than later...

Martin Hunter

This is a stupid idea, you're just moving the traffic somewhere else. The traffic lights and the junction aren't big enough to handle all that

Thomas Wignall

Best news all year, stop the idiots flying up the sliproad and pulling out without looking

Graham Thompson

So if I want to get from Liverpool Rd to the docks I'll have to go all the way round...Isn't that an unnecessary journey when there's a perfectly good slip road?

Johnny Knight

How the hell do you think redirecting traffic round a longer route to pass the same road your closing is going to be any better! Just like all the traffic lights on rounder-bouts and slip roads a wast of time!

Dave Simm

Insane idea. Basically you're punishing the residents who live in Penwortham by making them drive out of their way. Absolutely bonkers

Helen McCann

So this actually just makes people use more fuel which is worse for the environment. Typical of Lancashire council. This will do nothing to ease the issue of traffic.

Kevin Roberts

I find this a unfair for the people who live in penwortham myself included. I work around red scar area this would have an impact on my travelling to work each morning and I'm sure for others like myself.

Amy Robinson

Are you mad LCC? This is a ridiculous proposal!

Carl Loller

People who want to get on to Guild Way from Penwortham, Hutton, Southport etc with either follow the green line shown here or go straight on and up strand road - and therefore go through Penwortham anyway so unless I’m missing something, this appears to be unnecessary and will cause unnecessary detours for many. It certainly won’t stop me driving through Penwortham as not doing so will add time on to journeys.

Andy Pilkington

How will this help businesses in Penwortham? It'll simply make it harder to get in and out of and the big supermarkets/chains will benefit. Crazy idea.

Tony Brocklebank