Tips on how to kick start a 2015 fitness regime

Goals: An example of a British Military Fitness session
Goals: An example of a British Military Fitness session
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With the January blues about to kick in, most of us need a helping hand when it comes to starting New Year fitness regimes.

Mark Wood, head training tutor at British Military Fitness (BMF), which holds outdoor fitness sessions at Preston’s Moor Park, has put together 15 top tips to make 2015 your year to get lean and eat clean. He said:

“1) Master the basics. Learn to master some of the fundamental exercises such as squats and lunges to make sure your workout is effective.

2) Train with intensity.

3) Use your own body weight. Body weight exercises are free, you can do them anywhere and you can get a whole body workout in a short time.

4) Eat breakfast. It is essential to get your metabolism started so you continue to burn calories all day.

5) Ensure adequate hydration. Always turn up to sessions hydrated and make sure you rehydrate with at least 1.5 times the fluid that was lost during your training session.

6) Don’t neglect cardio.

7) Get outside. It is much better to breathe in fresh air compared to air conditioning, especially if you are stuck in a gym with loads of germs.

8) Carbs are not the devil. Lowering the amount you consume will help with losing weight but I would not advise cutting them out completely. They are important for energy production, recovery, muscle growth and fat loss.

9) Have variety. Your body quickly recognises and adapts to any exercise or training session that you complete. To progress you must continually make the body guess and challenge it in different ways.

10) Train with others. Having a training partner or training in a group will help you stay motivated.

11) Train 3-4 times a week

12) 90/10 rule. Ninety per cent of the time make sure you are eating for your goals. Ten per cent of the time have more flexibility in your diet.

13) Don’t beat yourself up. It is important not to obsess over the occasional slip-up.

14) Avoid low calorie diets. Your body requires a certain amount of calories to function. Without these, lots of hormonal reactions required for you to achieve your goals cannot take place

15) Get some rest and let your body recover.”