Tiny puppy that lost a leg captures hearts

A tiny puppy found with a badly broken leg is on the road to recovery after undergoing surgery.

Tuesday, 14th June 2016, 2:05 pm
Updated Tuesday, 14th June 2016, 4:08 pm
Summer recovering from her operation to amputate her leg.

Named Summer by staff at Animal Care in Lancaster, who have been looking after her since she was brought in, the eight-week-old pup had to have her front right leg amputated because her injuries were so severe.

Summer was seized by police on Sunday and taken to Vets for Pets for treatment.

Members of the public have so far donated over £600 towards the cost of Summer’s operation and aftercare.

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Summer recovering from her operation to amputate her leg.

She is now in a foster home found by Animal Care and will be rehomed soon.

Abi Sadler, assistant manager at Animal Care, said: “Summer was lucky enough to be saved just in time and now has the opportunity to start her life again out of pain. She is doing really well. She is walking around and getting her balance. She will be vet checked on Thursday and in two weeks she will be ready for rehoming.

“Finding her a new home won’t be a problem as there are people queuing up to adopt her.

“Even the police officer that brought her in wanted to adopt her.

Summer recovering from her operation to amputate her leg.

“She is gorgeous, she was trying to walk yesterday and trying to get into a cupboard. She loves cuddles, she is a sweetie and she still loves humans. She is grateful to be out of pain because she had several breaks in her leg so it must have been awful for her.

“Any money donated towards Summer’s operation fund will go towards her aftercare and later on vaccinations, microchipping and spaying.

“From me and the manager at Animal Care, we just want to say how grateful we are to have the support from the public because we couldn’t do it without them.

“It’s nice to know we have the support of everyone.”

To donate to help Summer’s aftercare, visit https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/helpsummer.

Police said they were called to the Hall Drive area of Torrisholme on Sunday after a man was seen with a puppy which was distressed.

The dog’s leg was visibly broken and the animal was clearly suffering, according to the person who called police.

The man with the dog was spoken to and gave up the dog voluntarily to police.

The man, a 27-year-old from Morecambe was then arrested on suspicion of failing to prevent the causing of unnecessary suffering to an animal.

Police said he was later released without charge and there was no evidence to suggest he caused the injury to the dog.