Time for sunken boat to be raised

Sunken vessell: The partially-submerged boat
Sunken vessell: The partially-submerged boat
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A boat that sank in Glasson Dock in December has still not been recovered, despite calls from concerned residents.

The vessel, which is located not far from the Victoria Hotel, has been in the freshwater basin since it appeared to founder overnight on December 26 in bad weather.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, lives near Glasson Dock, just south of Lancaster.

They said: “We have tried to contact the Environment Agency and British Waterways to see if they can help us but so far nothing has happened - it has been an awfully long time for it to sit there. As it is a freshwater basin we are very worried that oil and diesel and even rust will be leaking out of the boat and damaging the wildlife.”

The canal and estuary around the dock are rich in wildlife and is popular with nature lovers.

Only the wheel house of the 50ft cabin cruiser, thought to be called Kikboko and owned by a Glasson Dock man, is visible above the surface of the water and in the winter a salvage operation could not started because of persistent high winds.

However, now with better conditions on the horizon, the mystery of the sunken boat may be rectified.

An Environment Agency Spokesperson said: “We were made aware of a sunken boat situated in Glasson Dock following reports from the public.

“We are continuing to monitor the situation but are confident there is no ongoing pollution from this boat.

“Should members of the public have any concerns about pollution, we would urge them to report it to us on 0800 80 70 60.”