Tickled to death or ready for a rumble? Switch nightclub writes Evoque's name on a coffin for Halloween

A Preston nightclub sparked a ghoulish spat ... by parking a coffin bearing the name of its main rival outside the club!

Tuesday, 6th November 2018, 7:23 am
Updated Wednesday, 7th November 2018, 2:46 am
The Evoque coffin outside Switch

The dispute came about after Switch, a club in Market Street, featured a coffin with Evoque spelled out in flowers.

But instead of taking it in the spirit of the ghoulish night representatives at Evoque, in Church Street, warned that Switch would have to expect a comeback if they ‘prodded the beast with a stick’.

Andy MacDonald, 34, whose promotions company Your Best Deal (YBD) markets events at Evoque, said: “When I first saw it it was the initial shock because that takes guts. It’s this new level of rivalry.

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“It’s a big big gamble because they are making a statement. You are prodding the beast with a stick and you have to expect a comeback.”

In a statement from the owners of Switch nightclub they said: “In the tradition of trick or treating for years the two clubs have always had a light-hearted rivalry at Halloween which Switch was just continuing.

“The full size real coffin with the Evoque flowers was part of our Halloween props here at Switch.

“It does however seem that the new management team have taken offence to this which is a shame because we are in the entertainment industry and we are just trying to bring fun and banter to our customers of Preston.

“We are of course sorry for any offence that was caused as this was not our intention. We hope that in time they will see the funny side.”