Thousands of new boilers to bring down energy bills

Ron Entwistle and his boiler
Ron Entwistle and his boiler
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Thousands of tenants in Preston could be in line for new boilers to help bring down their energy bills.

Landlord Community Gateway has announced it is carrying out a review of all its 6,000 rented homes in a scheme to upgrade heating and hot water systems.

The association has already replaced 450 boilers in the past 12 months and says it plans to tackle at least another 300 in the current financial year, fitting more energy efficient models to trim running costs.

“Community Gateway Association is committed to providing excellent services and value for money to our customers,” said Steve Foster, head of Gateway Property Care, the association’s in-house repairs and maintenance service.

“As part of our continued investment in our properties, CGA has an ongoing boiler upgrade and replacement programme in place.

“In 2015/15, CGA replaced 450 boilers and are planning to replace 300 more in 2015/16 to more energy efficient boilers. These will help customers to reduce their energy bills and also reduce the number of breakdown repairs.”

CGA says that those tenants whose boilers are due for replacement this year will be contacted in due course.

The news is certain to be welcomed by tenants, some who say their current boilers are expensive to run and unreliable.

One tenant, Ron Entwistle, of Fulwood, said: “The boilers in these properties were installed eight or nine years ago and they aren’t very good.

“A lot of people have complained about the amount it costs to heat our homes and the fact that they have had nothing but trouble with them. So new, more efficient boilers would be welcome.

“I would hate to think we have been paying well over the odds for our heating and hot water since these boilers were put in. That could add up to a lot of money.”

Community Gateway says that the decision to upgrade the boiler systems had not been taken as a result of tenants’ protests.

“It is part of our property investment strategy, which means we are continually investing in our properties to improve them,” said a spokesman.

“We always strive to provide our customers with the best quality products and services that we are able to offer. As with all products, boilers have a life cycle, so we periodically upgrade our boilers, replacing them with more modern and energy efficient appliances on the market.

“The boiler programme is an ongoing one, not just for this year. And we will be reviewing all 6,000 properties.”