Thousands of homes lose power after electrical substation fire

The substation on Thornhill Road, Leyland
The substation on Thornhill Road, Leyland
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More than 2,000 homes lost their power when a fire broke out at an electrical substation in Leyland.

Firefighters were called to the incident in Thornhill Road, Broadfield, at around 8.30pm on Sunday.

They said the insulation around an 11,000 volt cable had deteriorated, which then caught fire.

Shaun Thornley, watch manager, said: “The cable had exploded, which blew the small doors of the substation open before we had arrived.

“The high voltage cable had set fire after the insulation had broken down on the cable.

“An 11,000 voltage cable can do a lot of damage.

“We waited for representatives from Electricity North West, ensured it was safe and then went in and put the small fire out.

“They then went in and restored power quite quickly.

“They were talking about putting a temporary generator in while they repaired the cables.”

Firefighters used dry powder to tackle the blaze.

Electricity North West confirmed there had been a fault at the substation and that 2,197 properties in the area lost power.

It said its engineers restored power to 2,000 of the properties by 9.45pm and the rest using generators by 2.45am on Monday morning.

A spokesman for Electricity North West said: “We apologise to those affected by this fault, and thank the fire service for their assistance.

“Our engineers quickly arrived on-site and will work to remove the damaged equipment and restore power.

“Thankfully these types of faults are rare, and we are carrying out a full investigation into the cause.”