‘The products and service are worth a trip into town’

Preston Indoor Market Trader Maggie Walmsley of The Cheese Grater
Preston Indoor Market Trader Maggie Walmsley of The Cheese Grater
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The Evening Post has been encouraging readers to shop locally.

To find out the pros and cons, reporter LAURA WILD swapped the supermarket for Preston Indoor Market to do her food shopping.

Laura Wild Lancashire Evening Post

Laura Wild Lancashire Evening Post

The big shop is something I’m not a fan of. Busy supermarket aisles, shopping trollies with a mind of their own and self scan machines that never go smoothly.

Our usual supermarket is Asda and we sometimes nip into Aldi or Morrisons for a few bits throughout the week.

But after writing several stories about why people should support local traders as part of our Shop Local, Eat Local, Play Local campaign, I decided to swap the Saturday morning supermarket nightmare for a trip into town to Preston’s Indoor Market and what do you know - I enjoyed it.

There were lots of queues on our Saturday morning visit, but that has got to be good thing for the food traders on the market.

In stark comparison to generic supermarket isles, one of the highlights of shopping here (apart form the products of course) was the friendly staff.

Personal service is something they get absolutely spot on, complete with a smile and it makes a huge difference to the shopping experience.

We couldn’t do our entire ‘big shop’ at the market because we tend to buy sauces for meals like spaghetti bolognese and curries.

I suppose you could say we are lazy. I would say the ready made sauces are convenient.

But we could get our core ingredients like meat and veg, eggs and cheese - and the quality and size was far superior to what we are used to.

One thing we slightly struggled with was the exact amounts to buy.

When we buy a pack of mince meat from Asda we just grab whatever is there or what is on offer so knowing what to ask for by weight was a new experience but we managed.

The ‘big shop’ at the market worked out a few pounds more expensive than buying the same products from a superstore but the difference is taste was huge.

The fruit and veg from K&H hall was extremely fresh, the mince meat from J.Wisdom & Son butchers tasted much nicer and not fatty at all and the thing we were most impressed with has to be the eggs from The Cheese Grater.

They were a great size with a bright yellow yolk and tasted just delicious.

We do try to get fresh eggs when we can but since our first shop at the market, my other half has already popped in for more eggs.

Of course, we also did the thing we always do when we go to the supermarket - forget something.

That was milk, we will have to try it out next time.

I know on some weeks it can be easier for us to go to the supermarket but I know that we will definitely be visiting the food market a lot more.

The price isn’t hugely different and the products and service are more than worth the trip into town.



6chicken breast fillets £6

Mince meat £2.50

Babycorn £1

Brocolli 50p

Six eggs 97p

Turkey breast sandwich meat £2

Cheddar cheese £1.50

Apples £1.35

TOTAL £15.82

Preston Indoor Market

J.Wisdom & Son butchers

Six chicken breasts

250g mince meat



Four slices of turkey £2.10

The Cheese Grater

12 extra large eggs £2.20

Cheddar cheese £1.40

K & H Ball




Four Apples


TOTAL: £18.03