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The People’s Angel is heading to Lancashire – after her Hollywood signing.

Paula O’Brien, a mother-of-four, has just signed a deal with a Hollywood producer and is about to begin filming for a TV series which will be aired in both the UK and USA.

The tour offers audience members the chance to communicate with departed friends and relatives.

She has been practising mediumship for more than 40 years.

The Yorkshire-born medium, 44, is working on the series, which includes three star companions: Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.

After completing a UK tour in autumn last year, Paula was praised for her ability to successfully convey the personalities of the departed.

A local council member who attended a show said: “The level of detail she provides when passing messages over from loved ones is really something to admire, and her grasp of their personalities comes through time after.”

Paula claims she first realized she had psychic abilities at the age of four when her parents had four houses exorcised by a priest.

“We lived in a huge house, and I used to get ‘nightly visitors’,” she says.

“My parents thought they were made-up friends, so to speak, but it became very apparent that they were something more than that.”

Paula has also helped police with investigations.

She says she once recovered the body of a young man who had taken his life.

He said: “I have worked on several murder investigations and lots of other missing persons, and they take it out of you as the end is always sad.

“But allowing the family to have some peace, knowing that their loved one is back home, that is my driving force.”

Paula was named ‘The People’s Angel’ after setting up a foundation to help subsidise infant tombstones for families who could not afford them.

Venues: Dunkenhalgh Hotel & Spa, Blackburn, May 12; The Preston Marriot Hotel, June 6; Wigan’s Mercure Oak Hotel, June 12.