The North West is home to Britain's cheapest streets for house hunters

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The North West is home to some of the cheapest streets in the UK, with properties priced as low as £15,000 - more than 14 times the national average.

Lancashire was found to be one of the best locations in the UK for low prices, with as many as four streets in the top 10 cheapest, research from MoneySuperMarket reveals.

The cheapest homes are priced at only 15,500

The cheapest homes are priced at only 15,500

Affordable prices

Hurtley Street in Burnley, Lancashire was ranked as the third most affordable street in the UK, with the cheapest homes priced at only £15,500.

Kingsland Grove in Burnley, Lancashire was similarly inexpensive with properties valued at £16,000 - a huge 90 per cent cheaper than the average property price for the region at £165,923.

Properties in the North East also ranked among the best for bargain prices, with Davison Terrace in Sunderland topping the list as the UK's cheapest street, with homes available for just £15,000.

Liverpool homes on Imrie Street were also in this same price range, making it the second most affordable area, and Thornely Road in County Durham completed the top five, with properties priced at £17,000.

A fluctuating market

Perhaps unsurprisingly, London was found to be home to the most expensive streets. The priciest was Grafton Street in Westminster, with homes at an eye-watering price of £69,189,235 - 30 per cent more than the national median of £224,000.

There were some affordable options in London, beginning from £103,500 at Railway Approach in Greater London.