The fracking ‘monster’ is unleashed

Mr Frackhead on tour on Preston Flag Market
Mr Frackhead on tour on Preston Flag Market
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An anti-fracking puppet monster was unleashed on Preston city centre this weekend.

The giant ‘frack head’ visited Preston Flag Market on Saturday morning to raise awareness for Global Frackdown – a worldwide day of action against fracking.

Crowds flocked to see the 15 foot puppet march around and deliver a booming speech in front of the Harris Museum and Gallery.

The monster said: “My name is Mr Frackhead and I will be raping and pillaging your lands.”

Mr Frackhead has toured the country and was joined in Preston by members of Central Lancashire Friends of the Earth and the Frack Free Lancashire Alliance.

Helen Rimmer, North West Campaigner at Friends of the Earth said: “Mr Frackhead represents the greed of a global industry desperate to squeeze the last drops of fossil fuels from the earth, no matter the long-term cost to us all.”

Drilling company Cuadrilla has applied to frack eight wells in the villages of Little Plumpton and Preston New Road.

Lancashire County Council will be making a decision on the plans later this year.

A Caudrilla spokesman: “The small group of protestors who carried out this stunt on Saturday in Preston are not representative of the majority of people in the region. The UK will need solar, wind, nuclear and gas to meet our electricity and heating needs for many years to come.

“Cuadrilla believes the development of natural gas from UK shale could have an important role to play in terms of securing gas supplies for the country’s homes and businesses while reducing our dependence on expensive imported gas. Cuadrilla has been talking to the local community at every stage of our exploration programme.

“Our planning applications for Preston New Road and Roseacre Wood are accompanied by comprehensive Environmental Statements which are the product of thousands of hours of work from independent expert environmental scientists and other engineering specialists.

“These documents show shale gas exploration can be done safely and in an environmentally responsible way.”

Cuadrilla has been invited to speak at a fracking meeting alongside Unite the Union, Friends of the Earth and Frack Free Lancashire at 7.30pm on Tuesday, November, 4 at St John’s Minster, Church Street, Preston.