That’s another fine... step on the way to fame

Film maker Brian Worthington with actors
Film maker Brian Worthington with actors
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Two budding small screen stars will be hoping not to get into a fine mess in a film about the early life of comic Stan Laurel.

Tamsin, 11, and sister Sasha, four, are busily learning their lines for a film charting the early 20th century star’s childhood, in Ulverston, Cumbria.

Tamsin, a pupil at Ashton Community Science College, will play Mary, Laurel’s cousin and best friend, who had a great influence on his young life.

While Tamsin admits she had never heard of Laurel or his sidekick Oliver Hardy, she has been busily swotting up on her comic history.

Tamsin, of St Andrew’s Avenue, Ashton, Preston, said: “I am really excited about it because I have been going to drama lessons for a while now.

“It has built my confidence and I really like acting, it is just going to be a lot of fun. I had not heard of Laurel but I have learned about him, we went to the museum (in Ulverston).

“I have been helping my sister learn her lines too, she is very excited.”

Cameras will begin rolling in Ulverston on March 26 and Tamsin is hoping it will one day lead her to stardom.

She said: “I want to be an actress, I would like to be on Eastenders or Coronation Street. We have drama on Mondays as a class, I really enjoy it.”

The independent film has been written and created by lifelong Laurel fan Brian Worthington, 46, and will be filmed in Ulverston, over a series of weekends.

In the past two years Brian and his wife Julie have been researching and writing the film, as well as spending £20,000 on equipment to produce it.

Brian got to know Tamsin, Sasha and mum Jacqui, after their older brother Calvin Leary, 11, died in a road accident in 2008. He set up a website in the youngster’s memory, which has helped raise charity cash, and encouraged people to sign the organ donor register.

After getting to know the youngsters, he thought they would be perfect for the role.

He said: “Tamsin is keen and has been doing drama at school. She has been through a lot of trauma over the past few years. This is something positive she will be able to put her talents into.

“We originally only gave Sasha a tiny role, but when we saw her a month ago she had really come on, I gave her a more prominent role.

“Sasha is going to play Mary’s younger sister.”

Connor Wood, 10 and from Wigan, will be playing the lead role of the young Stan Laurel.

Brian is looking for more cast members. Visit